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Watch your earning statistics - Firefox Extention

It is having a big draw back. Any one can get your adsense password if they can access your firefox

Open account list, Click on export, it will display complete details

So Use thuis at your own risk

If you are using firefox you can use this extension to watch your status without login every time. This will display earning of today, yesterday and monthly clicks impressions and total earnings.

MoneyQuake is a powerful Firefox extension, which displays your real-time earning statistics from most popular advertisement systems like:

1. Google Adsense

2. Bidvertizer

3. TraficCashGold

4. StreamRay

5. UmaxSearch

6. PeakClick

7. Buckster

8. SoftwareProfit

9. AdultAdsCash

10. KlikVip

11. AdultFriendFinderrn

12. Begun

13. Yandex.Direct

14. Glavmed

and more

This add-on is dead now.

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