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An Open source URL shortner ASP.NET C#

ShortUrl-Dotnet is a free and open source URL shortner which you can use if you are having a ASP.NET hosting and a MSSQL or MySql server for data storage.

to implement this

1. Go to the application page

2. Click “Download Now” and save

3. Unzip it

4. Create database and table use Schema_SqlServer.sql

5. Read the “README.txt” and make changes to the Web.Config file


There is one issue i noted on this application. This application does not check whether the long url is already shortened or not. So i made some changes to the AddUrlToDatabase function in ShortUrl.Utils.cs inside App_Code as follows


public static void AddUrlToDatabase(Container oShortUrl) 
            string sql = "SELECT * FROM url WHERE real_url = @real_url"; 
            Params p = new Params(); 
            p.Add("@real_url", Clean(oShortUrl.RealUrl)); 
            DataTable dt = SqlServer.Recordset(sql, p); 
            if (dt.Rows.Count <= 0) 
                sql = "INSERT INTO url (short_url, create_date, created_by, real_url) VALUES (@short_url, @create_date, @created_by, @real_url)"; 
                p = new Params(); 
                p.Add("@short_url", oShortUrl.ShortenedUrl); 
                p.Add("@create_date", oShortUrl.CreateDate); 
                p.Add("@created_by", oShortUrl.CreatedBy); 
                p.Add("@real_url", Clean(oShortUrl.RealUrl)); 
                SqlServer.Execute(sql, p); 
                oShortUrl.ShortenedUrl = dt.Rows[0]["short_url"].ToString(); 

this application also includes a webservice which you can use from any other website or application.

I made few more simple customizations and you can see a demo site here -

This is for demo purpose only, i will be clearing the database. So don't use this (they are not short actually , due to the long domain name :) )