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All purpose Excel file

1. ATM location (Choose city and bank from the drop down - Indian)

2. Calendar (Change the year on the top box, if you want to change it to another year

3. Mobile (Enter first 5 digits of mobile number, it will display the carrier, state and type - Indian numbers only)

4. Unit Conversion

5. Checkbook Balance

6. Loan Payment calculator

7. Body Mass index & calorie Calculator

8. Blood Pressure and Pulse record

9. Conversion Calculator

10. Convert units (example Meters to Miles)

11. Right angle solver (Enter known two values it will find the third value)

12. Diameter for numbered screws

13. Drill bit Equivalence

14. Fraction

15. Bolt Circle Calculator

16. Spiral Calculator

17. Rotation of an X&Y coordinate

18. Cone Fabrication

19. Circle Segment calculator

20. Polygon Solver

21. Values of trigonometric functions

You can find all these things in a single Excel file which you can download here

ALL_purpose_Excel_sheet.xls (1.45 mb)