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Airtel Offers free upgrade to 2Mbps to Watch IPL


Airtel offers free upgrade to 2Mbps Internet connection speed for free to watch IPL 2010.  Thi supdate will be availabe only when you access read more here.. If you are a user who have a bandwidth limitation be careful :). With this speed you can watch all IPL matches with out need of buffering. just like in TV.


1    The 2 Mbps speed is an automatic upgrade , only applicable for

2    For all others site customers will get their current plan speeds.

3    While there is no charge for 2Mbps upgrade , Streaming on youtube will be considered as part of data transfer limits of your current broadband tariff plan.

4    The 2 Mbps bandwidth is not guaranteed all the time and is dependent of traffic. Our endeavor is to provide 2 Mbps on best effort basis.

5    Upgraded speed of 2 Mbps applicable only for live cricket streaming on page and not for other YouTube content.

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