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AirConsole Unveil Exclusive Gaming Content for OnePlus fans

Exclusive Airconsole games for OnePlus users

AirConsole is a service that will allow you to use your web browser as Gaming console and smartphones as gaming pads. You will be able to play the games in the big screens while controlling it using your smartphones.

Now AirConsole is providing exclusive games for the OnePlus fans.

Games exclusive for Oneplus on Airconsole

All you have to do is

visit this link 

Click the power button, this will show a number on the screen

Open from your smart phone, or you may install the airconsole application from the play store

Airconsole smartphone app

You can play as a guest or register an account with your Facebook credentials

AirConsole Login

Enter the number received from the browser and press OK

Airconsole enter

That’s all, now you can choose games and play it using your smart phone.

use the arrow keys to select the games

Airconsole select game

and here is the control

airconsole gamepad

I just tried it and it works great.

OnePlus Exclusive game at Airconsole