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Adsense Extension for

If you are using for your blogging and if you want to put Google adsense in your blog, there is an extension for this.Adsense Injector extension for BlogEngine.NET.

Add this extension and add ads. You have too many options with this extension

The following are the things which you need to provide.

1. Publisher ID: Publisher ID code issued by Google Adsense.

2. Description: Description (if you leave this field blank ad will not run and will be treated as inactive).

3. ID Slot: The ad unique code.

4. Size (width): Ad width (refer to the standards imposed)

5. Size (height): Ad height (refer to the standards imposed)

6. Style (code): CSS code for its proper positioning (this is from your css)

7. Position: T = top of post, B = bottom of post, C = middle of post.

8. Display: A = display always, R = display only to referrers (including search engines), S display only to search engines.

9. Insert: B = display in posts and pages, P = display only in posts, A = display only in pages

Read more and download it from here

Steps to add it is described in that site itself.