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APLUS DVD Copy Full version License Giveaway – Tool for Copying or Burning DVDs

APLUS DVD Copy is a powerful software that allows you to Copy/Burn/Clone/Backup your favorite DVD collections to DVD-R(W) or DVD+R(W) Disc.It offers original quality copying for the user. It can make 1:1 true quality copies of your DVDs. It also compatible with NTSC and PAL format DVDs and uses most advanced technology to assure original quality copying.

aplus DVD copy



* You can Copy and Burn DVDs Faster and without any quality loss.

* Copy/Clone/Burn/Backup your DVDs with ease.

* Supports NTSC and PAL format DVD movies.

* It supports all SCSI, IDE, USB DVD burners/recorder available at market.

* You can copy dual layer DVDs into one with all the features preserved(Menus, Subtitles, Special features, Languages) or you can remove unwanted features from it and copy.

* It Removes the Disc protections(CSS, RC, RCE, and UOPs) automatically While copying and cloning DVD.



Aplu DVD copy


The price of this powerful DVD copying software out there in the market is $39.95 .But (ONLY)today you can download this software absolutely for Free From GAOTD. No user registrations or Login are required. Hurry now!!! Cause each seconds counts.

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