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A Slide Show Widget using Picasa and Flickr RSS feeds for BlogEngine.NET

I was thinking of a slide show for my Blog. We have already a slide show using Silverlight from Danny Douglass which is a great extension for BlogEngine.NET Blogs which also supports Flickr integration.

Now here is an Extension from My side, which is not as great as the above one still.

1. This uses only javascript for the slide show.

2. You can only use the Rss feeds (Photo Feeds) from Picasa Web/Flickr here

3. You can add as many Feeds as you like

3. It will show one Album/Day and which will display only after all others are displayed (Just like BlogEngine.NET Widget: Quote of the Day from Al Nyveldt . I used the very same code for the admin side and for picking the feeds, Hope that he will not have any issues for that :) )

4. You can customize the size of the images displayed in the page.

5. You can set the border width,border color, speed of slide show, Number of images to load, will able to enable or disable to show the album name.

6. It uses JSON

You can find a lot of Photo feeds here (Removed), use only the Picasa/Flickr feeds if you are using this widget.

There is another alternative if you want to add just a slide show of your picasa album.  it is here

Am trying to include Flickr Feeds also, since Flickr APi also supports JSON

If you want to Edit any details Go to the CS page and find getscript function and there is proper comment if you want to Edit. (4.10 kb)