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7 Fun Hobbies for Geeks to Try in Their Spare Time

7 Fun Hobbies for Geeks to Try in Their Spare Time

As hectic as life can get sometimes, there are periods throughout the day where you have absolutely nothing to do. Whether you’re on a 15-minute break at work or sitting at home with a few free hours on the weekend, there are a ton of things you can do in your spare time. What’s great about many of the geeky hobbies you’ll find on this list is that most of them are affordable. So, without further ado, here is a list of fun hobbies for geeks:

1.  Catch up on tv/movies – You might think that television today is filled with nothing more than reality tv series and dating shows, but there are a lot of series and movies out right now that every geek can enjoy. Check your local television listing for the latest science fiction, horror stories, or thriller shows and movies like Dr. Who, Chuck, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and more. You may find them on demand, watch them through apps and streaming services, and even catch up on a show on the road with a mobile device.

2.  Attend a Con – Who doesn’t love a little sci-fi, fantasy, superhero, anime action? If you are a comic book or cartoon fanatic, you’ve got to attend local and national con events. Comic-Con, Dragon Con, and Star Wars Conventions are just a few to check out.  It’s where geeks from all over the country come together to learn about everything from new comic books and games to new characters, movies, and television shows. Dress up like your favorite character and get ready for the time of your life.

3.  Invest in the Latest Gadgets – Technology has taken some serious leaps over the past decade and now is the time to learn new tricks with all the cool gadgets that are out there. As everything seems to be going viral these days, buying new drone is a great way to capture pictures from an aerial view, stream live video to social media, and more. Companies like Protocol New York RC Drones offer an array of beginner and advanced drones for purchase. 

4.  Play Games – You can’t have a list of hobbies for geeks and leave out gaming. Playing games is a great pastime that can be done for hours or even just a few short minutes. Whether you like old school games or new games you can download games to play on your mobile phone, computer, or you play from a gaming console. From group games you can play with friends, to fantasy and first-person shooter video games, you can have hours of fun.

5.  Start a Book Club – While books may have switched from paper form to digital you can still have a great time reading a good book with like-minded friends. Start an online book club with a few of your friends. You can create a website and/or blog and update it with the current book you’re reading, members of your club, and even reviews on books you’ve read.

6.  Create a How to Video – Are there things you’re skilled at that you’re constantly helping others with? Did you know that you could make money by creating how-to videos on things you find to be interesting and easy? Start by creating a YouTube account and begin uploading guides on topics of your choosing. Whether you teach others how to draw, how to develop a website, or how to be better gamers, it’s a great way to enjoy your passion while making a living.

7.  Start a Blog – If you’re really passionate about something, blog about it! It can be a great way to express yourself and meet others from around the world. There are plenty of geeky topics to blog about. Whether you blog about your love of Star Wars or you start a personal finance blog you’ll find peace in sharing your thoughts and opinions with others.

When your world stops racing for a moment and you’ve got some spare time, don’t just sit around wondering what to do. Find something you’re interested in, turn it into a hobby, and if you can, find a way to make money from it as well. There are a lot of things you can do to brighten up your day and improve your mood. So let your inner geek out and explore some of the above-mentioned hobbies during your downtime.