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35 PC problems Solved–Maximum PC magazine July 2013

35 PC problems Solved - PC magazine July 2013

Maximum PC Magazine July 2013 edition is available to download as PDF, it covers 35 PC problems and how to solve them. Issues like

Hard drive/Optical drive  disappears

SSD performance is slow

Drive not showing full capacity

Some USB ports does not work

Slow file transfer over USB

USB Hub does not work

USB device not recognized

GPU is slow

Second display not recognized

CPU overheating

CPU is always under heavy load

Internet connection drops

And many more

Many of these issues we are facing when we use the PC. So this will be a helpful one, so you can download it from here

It also covers

Panels of Parade

Hug your ears

How to get into Windows without your password

EVGA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost SC