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3 Windows 7 Themes - Best of Bing: Australia 2, Bing Maps aerial imagery and Space by GTGraphics

Best of Bing: Australia 2 theme

Koalas, crocodiles, cockatoos are just some of the natural wonders that come straight to your desktop in this free Windows 7 theme, a sequel to the popular Best of Bing: Australia

This theme is having 15 beautiful Australia wallpapers

Three Sisters rock formation, Jamison Valley, Blue Mountains National Park, New South Wales, Australia

Twelve Apostles, Port Campbell, Victoria, Australia

A portrait of a koala

Lavender field in Tasmania, Australia

Old government buildings and remains of the penal colony in Kingston, the capital of Norfolk Island, Australia

The upper reaches of the Snowy River in Snowy River National Park, Victoria, Australia

Vineyards at the back of Rowland Flat, Barossa Valley, South Australia, Australia

The Canal Rocks formation in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, Western Australia, Australia

Flock of rose-breasted cockatoos in Australia

Crocodiles at Crocodylus wildlife park, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Webb Bridge, Melbourne, Australia

Seagull with bright red legs and happy feet at the beach, Australia

Heart Reef, part of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia

Monorail stop at Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

A Tasmanian Devil bears it's teeth at a quarantine facility in Hobart, Australia


Bing Maps aerial photography theme

Get breathtaking views of the United States delivered to your desktop with this free Windows 7 theme that captures the best of Bing Maps aerial photography. Once downloaded, this dynamic theme updates automatically through an RSS feed.


If you want to create your own Windows 7 Theme with wallpapers from dynamic Rss feed , you can check this post where you can download a windows 7 theme Flowers and also can check how you can create one.

Bing Windows 7 theme that updates automatically through an RSS feed

Also you can download another Bing Windows 7 theme that updates automatically through an RSS feed

Space by GTGraphics theme

Send your desktop to the furthest reaches of the universe with these fantastic photorealistic images of distant planets and outer space events by GTGraphics in this free Windows 7 theme.

This theme have 16 beautiful wallpapers



Earth 2049

Sunrise In Space

Starlit Night

Five Percent Remaining

Alpha Sector


Blown To Bits

Edge Of Precipice

Eternal Moment

First Sunshine


Perseus Prime

The Heat Of Love

The Rise Of A Planet