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3 Mac apps Numi, PDF Squeezer and Hot Shots giveaway

3 Mac apps giveaway

You can get 3 paid Mac application for free.

Numi is a calculator which sits on the menu bar and combines calculations with text. This is version 1 while version 2 is available now.



PDF Squeezer is an application which can reduce the size of large PDF files. This can compress the PDF documents by removing unwanted information, compressing images inside PDF. It supports batch processing.

PDF Squeezer 

Hot Shots is a software to bowse Dribbble contents. It can show every ones shots, quick look on support.

Quick-Look support

View everyone's shots

View popular shots

View debut shots

View shots of players you're following

Vertical & Horizontal layouts

Notification support

GIF support

Scroll for more shots

Dribbble website in a toggle-able drawer

Download shots


Lots'a Settings

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