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3 Good and Free online backup services

I just needed an online backup option, so first i thought of windows live drive, with an application will will make it a drive. But Norton blocked that installation :).

So i just have search and find 3 online backup services, all 3 are good. All three have Client software's which will help you to automate the backup processes.

It is recommended that you keep your backup in a different place. Am backing up my data on an external hard disc that will be used when some hard disc issues happens. Online backup is to use if some disaster occurs and if i lost both my hard disc data (External and Internal). So it will be better if you can select an online backup, and backup your data.



Mozy will give you 2GB of free space. And you can install an application which will take care of the scheduled backup. So it is a kind of set up and forget type of backup.

The Client will support OS X and Windows.

Open/locked file support: Mozy will back up your documents whether they're open or closed.

128-bit SSL encryption: The same technology used by banks secures your data during the backup process.

448-bit Blowfish encryption: Secures your files while in storage, providing peace of mind that your private data is safe from hackers.

Automatic: Schedule the times to back up and MozyHome does the rest.

New and changed file detection: MozyHome finds and saves the smallest changes.

Backs up Outlook files: Disaster-proof email protection.

Block-level incremental backup: After the initial backup, MozyHome only backs up files that have been added or changed, making subsequent backups lightning fast.

If you are referring a friend to Mozy both of you will get 256MB of additional storage. So here is my referral link to Mozy,  if you are using this we both will get 256MB additional space (As of now you can get unlimited storage by referring friends).  If you don't want to use the referral link, you can click here



SugarSync is almost same as Mozy.  The free account will give you 2GB of online backup space.

You can only backup & sync up to two computers

SugarSync will store the current version of each document, plus 2 past versions

mobile applications for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android & WinMo are available. All other phones with a mobile web browser can use SugarSync by visiting

Here also referral benefits are there, If your referrer bought any plan larger or equal to 30GB both of you will get 5GB additional space.  If your referrer join for a free account both of you will get a 250MB free space additional.

Here is my referral link or here is the link to the site



3GB of free online backup space, with client software which can automate the backup process.

Automatic : Few clicks install and you don't have to remember to back up your computer anymore

All the Space that You Want : 200 GB that you can increase when you want with a click

Send Files Larger than 1 GB : Share with co-workers and friends files that you can't send though email

Secure : Data stored with 448 bit encryption

All computers : Protect all your computers with the same license

Access Anywhere : With your password you have access from any internet location

Download and install the client application and create an account through that application (choose 3GB Free while registering).

Here is the site link