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2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil will be launching exclusively on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on April 15

Electronic Arts have announced that the World Cup edition of FIFA will be coming exclusively to the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles this April.


2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil


2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil features a lot of improvements in terms of controls and gameplay, when compared to FIFA 14. The game introduces Explosive Movement, which allows your player to accelerate, decelerate and change direction. Other major improvements include the World Class Control which uses Response Dribbling, Pinpoint Passing. Hundred new animations have been added including passing, saves, and penalty kicks.


The game will feature 203 national teams, 7,469 players and 21 new stadiums including all the 12 authentic stadiums from this year’s World Cup in Brazil. Graphical improvements to the stadiums include new crowd scenes, banners, flags, and seat cards in the stadium, and also fan reactions from Live City events in all corners of the globe. If you score a goal with England, you can see fans react live from London. The game also has over 15 hours of commentary.



2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil will be launched in North America on April 15th, and come to Europe on April 17th.


You can pre-order the game from Electronic Arts’ website soon, although no price has been mentioned there. Pre-ordered copies will receive exclusive game content including new celebrations, historic adidas game balls, an All Star Team,  and more


via Twitter an EA.