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12 Useful User JavaScripts for Opera

Tamil wrote about 12 User Javascripts which will increase your browsing quality in Opera.

From the Website

User JavaScript is a powerful tool and it can be used for many purposes, including:
Fixing broken scripts on Web pages. Opera uses browser.js to automatically fix incompatible Web pages, out of date scripts, and pages that inadvertently block Opera.
Enhancing Web pages by changing or adding your own content to the page.

  • Autosizer: Autosizer will enhance image viewing in Opera by adding five different sizing modes to images: "Original", "Shrink to Fit", "Maximize", "Fit to Width" and "Fit to Height".
  • Breadcrumb URL: Breadcrumb URL will place link to each directory of current URL at the top left corner of the page. Useful if you browse without address bar or browse in full screen mode.
  • Clean URI: Clean URI will recognise links that use redirected URLs and replace them with the direct URL.
  • Cooliris alike: Similar to Cooliris extension for Firefox and helps to preview links without leaving current tab.
  • Gallery crawler: Gallery crawler adds link to next and previous image so pictures numbered sequentially can be viewed without flipping through links, ads and poor page design.
  • Get feed link: Get feed link will place feed icons at the top left corner of the page. Useful if you browse without address bar or browse in full screen mode or if you need feed link URL.
  • Image thumb: image thumb will show thumbnail in bottom left corner when you hover an image link. Hold Ctrl key to view image in original size.
  • Link alert: Link alert identifies links to specific file types, and displays an appropriate icon when the link is hovered.
  • Power drag: Power drag will help you to resize textareas, select boxes, iframes, objects, images or input fields by holding Shift key and then dragging lower right corner of an item.
  • Linkify URL: Linkify URL makes text http/https/ftp URLs clickable.
  • View Selection Source: View Selection Source allows you to see HTML source of any part of a page, it’s very useful for web developers.
  • Ultimate Search Highlighter: Ultimate Search Highlighter will show search bar at the top and can show number of search results, jump to next instance of highlighted term or previous (hold Shift key and click on term in toolbar) and supports RegExp highlighting.

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