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Geekiest Social Media Updater

Geekiest Social Media Updater

This application will use minimum web traffic. It uses web traffic just to authorize the Facebook/Twitter (only once) and then when ever you update your status on Facebook or twitter.


This application will not show/collect any personal information (Other than your name, to show on the authorize tab) from your profiles and/or will not contact you through emails.

This application used the Registry to save values (3 encrypted values)

This is a BETA version may have Errors Please report the errors to

You can contact on any doubt /suggestions etc.

Thank you for using Geekiest Social Media Updater


Geekiest Social Media Updater Version 1.0 Beta


Update Status of Twitter and Facebook

Update Facebook status with or without Link preview (If you are adding a link in the status)

Upload Photo to Facebook wall

Upload Multiple Photos to Specific Album

Can Hide to Tray

Download Facebook Photos to Computer

Download Geekiest Social Media Updater



Twitter Authentication

1. After opening the Geekiest Social Media Updator, Open the “Authorize” tab

Geekiest Social Media Updator Authorize

To Authorize Twitter

1. You can choose the default browser or it will load the twitter on the browser in the application itself.

2. Click “Get Twitter Key”

3. Enter your twitter name and Password anc click “Authorize app”

Twitter Login

4. It will Display a number copy and Paste it to the “Key” field in the application and click “Save”

Twitter Authentication

5. After Saving you can Sign-out the account (If you are using the browser in the application

Twitter Sign-out


Facebook Authentication

1. On the Authorize tab click “Facebook Authenticate”

Facebook Autthentication

2. Login with your Facebook details and click Login

Facebook Details 

3. Scroll a bit and Click “Go to App”

Go to Geekiest Social Media Updater Facebook App

4. Scroll and Click “Allow” (Don’t forget to read the permissions)

Geekiest Social Media Updater Facebook Authenticate

5. Status of authentication will be displayed on the Screen

Status of facebook Authentication

To Remove the Authorization

1. Click on “Others” Tab

2. Click on “Remove Twitter Authorisation” or “Remove Facebook Authorisation”

To Update a Status

Open “Social Media Update” Tab

Geekiest Social Media Updater Update Screen

To update Status,

i.  first choose Twitter or Facebook or Both

ii. Enter the status and link (Link can be in the status box)

iii. Click Update button

To Upload an Image (To facebook Wall)

i. Enter Caption if any

ii. "Click “Select Image” and choose the image need to be uploaded

iii. Click “Upload” button

To Create an Album in Facebook

Open the Tab “Facebook”, Enter the Album Name and Description and Click “Create” button.

To Upload Multiple Images to a Facebook Album

Open the Tab “Facebook”

Geekiest Social Media Updater Upload Photos to Facebook Album

1. Click “Get Album List” this will load the list of albums to the drop down

2. Choose the album

3. Click “Select Photos” and selected the photos (You can do this step more than ones, the new selection will upend with the current selection)

4. Double click on the Caption column to add caption for each Photo

5. Click Upload button.

To Download Photos From Facebook

Open “Facebook” Tab

Geekiest Social Media Updater Download Facebook Album Photos

1. Click “Select Folder” and choose where you want to save the Photos

2. Click “Get Album List” this will load the list of albums to the drop down

3. Choose the Album you wanted to download

4. Click “Download Photos”

5. You can see the status Just below the buttons.

You can click the “Minimize to Tray” button to hide the Geekiest Social Media Updater to the Tray.

Social Media Updater Tray Icon 

Double click on the tray icon to show the Application Screen

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