Do you need a Fake Name, Address or a Fake Credit card number for testing your website or applications ? There is a website which can help you to generate that. You can select from a wide range of options. They provide 14 name set (like American, french etc), MaleRead More →

Opera released the 9.51 version . As per the opera development team “This release is a recommended upgrade for all those running the latest stable releases.” You can see the changes logs here for Windows For Mac For Unix/Linux Improved drag/drop of tabs. Fixed problems with search engines when upgradingRead More →

Today I tried to boot one old Compaq PC without Keyboard, but failed. Later had few searches and finally found a link from Paul Battley’s website. Here is the link. This worked Fine. It is not at all complicated. 1. Go to Bios setup 2. Set a power on passwordRead More →

Do you have a “Internet browsing center”, School or Library computer (Are you sharing a computer with more than one users) and are you having problems with installing unwanted programs, or downloading unwanted files. Are you wasting time to reconfigure the computer again to the old status ? check theRead More →

Are you using a high end Nokia phone ?  you can use Nokia Maps which will help you to find ways to your destination. So here it goes 1. If your phone have an inbuilt Nokia maps, update its firmware if needed. Otherwise go to choose your model andRead More →

1. ATM location (Choose city and bank from the drop down – Indian) 2. Calendar (Change the year on the top box, if you want to change it to another year 3. Mobile (Enter first 5 digits of mobile number, it will display the carrier, state and type – IndianRead More →

For security reasons you may need to change your passwords. For some services it is not that easy to find the change password option. Here is how you can change your password for the Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Adsense and google services.1. Hotmail (Both Classic and Full version) Login toRead More →

I just moved from godaddy to reliabehost, so i was using Godaddy’s relaying for sending mails (SMTP in settings). Now am using google apps for my mail service, so wanted to change the settings, but what ever things I tried to change the test mail sending failed. I had searchRead More →