Opera startup window tweak

Default Opera Startup window


Old Values

-2061349988="Welcome to Opera"
1612275836="Continue from last time"
1460510403="Continue saved sessions"
-1760565253="Start with home page"
-82217585="Start without open tabs"

Edited Opera Startup window 


New Values

-2061349988="Welcome back Krishnan"
1612275836="Last time"
1460510403="Saved sessions"
-1760565253="Home page"
-82217585="No open tabs"

How to do this

1. Open Opera

2. open a tab, enter "opera:config#UserPrefs|LanguageFile" (with out quotes) and press enter

3. Check the content of Language Files Directory

4. Take a copy of that file (rename it to something like editedeng.lng or something like that)

4. Open that file in Notepad or any text editor

5. Search for the above values (-2061349988, 1612275836, 1460510403, -1760565253, -82217585) and changes the value to what you want

6. Save.

7. do the step 2 and 3

8. There will be a choose button right to "Language File" choose the new file using that.

9. Click Save button at the bottom

10. Restart the Opera and See …

Tip is from Tamil’s blog