Opera 51 released, boasts better speeds, simplified scrolling, import bookmarks and more

Opera 51 settings

Opera browser has been updated to version 51, and the developers claim that it is much faster than Firefox 58. That’s not the only thing new in Opera 51 though.

According to the official announcement, Opera 51 is 38% better than the current version of Firefox. Personally, I don’t think this is true, but I’ll leave you to judge whether that claim is true or far-fetched.

Opera for Windows is now compiled with Clang, which is written in C++. That doesn’t change the fact that Opera is still using the Blink engine, as it is based on the Chromium open source project.

There is a new simplified scrolling in Opera, which can be activated by clicking on a tab in the tab-bar. This will scroll the page to the top, while clicking again goes back to the previous position in the page.

The bookmarks manager is now home to an import bookmark option which can be used to add your bookmarks from other browsers to Opera. Likewise, there is an export option as well.

Opera 51 import bookmarks

There are two new lists, which are collapsible, in the top-right corner of Opera. These allow you to view your open and recently closed tabs.

Opera 51

Opera now has a “back to tab” option, for the video pop-outs which lets you go back to the tab, which is playing the video. The browser now has an option to allow Adobe Flash to run on all websites. This option is not enabled by default, and I don’t think anyone should enable this. You can find the option under Settings > Websites.

Opera 51 settings


Opera has a new option which can backup your browser settings automatically. This will load the latest backup, in case the browser detects issues with the settings.

Opera 51 settings

You can now add a desktop background in Opera, using the Easy Setup menu on the Start page.

Ashwin Karthik