Humble Jumbo Bundle 11 featuring Tropico 5, N++ is live

Humble Jumbo Bundle 11

The Humble Jumbo Bundle 11 featuring Tropico 5, Orwell, N++ is live, and here is what you get for your money.

The $1 Tier gets three games:

Kingdom: New Lands
Rusty Lake: Roots

Domina is set in Greece, where you manage gladiators to fight in the arena. The game is good, but not great. Once ypu have a good gladiator, the game no longer poses a challenge.Kingdom New Lands is a 2D survival game, which also includes Kingdom Classic.The game has simple controls, and interesting mechanics to keep you challenged. Rusty Lake is great if you are into horror games.

The BTA Tier adds 3 games and more games will be added next Tuesday.

Tropico 5
Tropico 5 – Espionage DLC
Tropico 5 – Waterborne DLC
Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You

N++ is based on the popular platformer Adobe Flash game from 2005. Personally I am not a fan of the genre, especially given the fast-paced and tough as nails difficulty. But the game has a cult following.

Orwell is sort of an espionage game, in which you spy on people’s files to solve an investigation.

Tropico 5 is my pick of the entire bundle. You play as El Presidente of a Banana Republic, and the game gives you the freedom to rule as you see fit. The campaign scenarios are fun, the graphics are good, and the gameplay is familiar to Tropico 4 and 3. Some mechanics are not as good as the other games.

With Tropico 6 scheduled to be released this year, this may be a good time to jump into the franchise.

And the $15 Tier gets you an extra game: Obduction. This is a first person game with exploration elements with great graphics, and does provide a decent challenge for solving puzzles. If you have a VR headset, you may find Obduction more enjoyable. But the PC version is fine too.

Is the Humbo Jumbo Bundle 11 worth buying?

This is a tough call as most games are from different genres. Kingdom New Lands is worth the $1 asking price, and so is the soundtrack of Domina.

If you are interested in retro platformers, then you can go for the BTA tier for N++. Orwell is an okay game, but it is worth noting that the game only lasts for a few hours.

If you are interested only in Tropico 5, you should be aware that you are not getting all of the DLCs. I think you will be better off buying the Complete collection, which is often on sale for $5 or $6. The Tropico 5 Complete Collection is available for $6.99 ($6.29 if you use the SPRING10 voucher for a 10% discount) from Fanatical.

If you like first person puzzlers, Obduction can be a nice choice. Essentially it is the classic Myst, remade by the same developers.

Ashwin Karthik