How can you speed up your PC? SSDs are the answer

How can you speed up your PC? More RAM is not going to make your PC significantly faster, and with the current prices, it is a big mistake to invest in memory now.

The main reason why your PC is slow, is because your computer maybe using a HDD. Often called SATA hard drives, these are the mechanical drives aka 3.5mm hard disks which have spinners in them. Those 7200 RPM HDD drives are slow? Yes, because most HDDs have a read speed of about 160 MB/s,

Solid State Drives, aka SSDs have read speeds of 550MB/s. In terms of sheer numbers that is about 3.4X faster than a regular HDD. So an SSD can ensure that programs open faster, games have less loading time, and even Windows can boot faster.crucial ssd

SSDs also use less power than mechanical HDDs, have a longer life and at 2.5mm are much smaller in size too. The only issue is the price difference, you can get a 1TB HDD for half the price of a 250GB SSD. Sure you may get higher storage, but the overall performance of your PC will be slow.

And then there are the more expensive m.2 and NVMe drives. If you don’t know what they are, m.2 is a type of SSD which looks like a RAM module, but has a PCI-e based connector. These are faster than SSDs which use SATA 3 but, NVMe (non volatile memory express) are even faster than m.2.If you think this is unbelievable, Intel Optane drives are significantly faster. Apologies for the lack of the read/write speeds, but since we don’t have access to any (even though I have a compatible motherboard), I cannot say just how fast they are.

If you look at SSD prices over the years, there has been a significant decline in the prices. SSD prices are predicted to fall further this year, because of oversupply in NAND modules. We think the emergence of more faster SSD variants have something to do with this as well.

So, in case you are using a HDD on your PC, check your computer’s Case (cabinet or tower, whatever you call it). The case may support more storage drives, and you can buy an SSD, add it to your PC, and install Windows on it, while using the HDD as secondary storage.

Which SSD is the best?

This depends on your budget, and while we think that Samsung SSDs are the best, you can also go for whatever brand you find economically suitable, like Crucial.

Ashwin Karthik