Hindi Google Assistant goes official for Android 6.0+, coming soon to iOS and Android 5.0

Hindi Google Assistant

Google has just announced the launch of the Hindi Google Assistant. This is basically the same as the English version of the app, which now supports Hindi.


Technically this is not new, as the Google Assistant in the Allo app, did support Hindi.

Starting today, you can use the Google Assistant with voice commands made in Hindi. The app uses machine learning to recognize, And the app will respond back to you in Hindi. You can use this to send text messages, set reminders, get Map directions, get the latest cricket scores, find recipes, locate ATMs, etc.

For example: You can access the App using the Home button or by saying Ok Google, followed by a command such as:

“Cricket ka score kya hain?“ or “Daddy ko SMS bhejo “5 minutes mein pahunchenge”

And the app will respond by displaying the score you wanted, or by sending the SMS to your dad, depending on what you asked it to do.

You can use the Google Assistant in Hindi on Android Phones which are running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Google says that the Hindi Google Assistant will be available for iPhones running on iOS 9.1 and above, and on devices running on Android 5.0 Lollipop, and Android Oreo Go Edition devices.

Ashwin Karthik