Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods expansion to be released in late 2018

Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods expansion, is the newest addition to the popular ARPG which was released in 2016. And here’s what we know about the upcoming DLC.


The expansion will feature a new chapter in the story which will be “densely packed”. Just by looking at the picture, which features a warrior carrying a Scimitar, a pyramid in the background, the Sun, palm trees, etc, you can easily guess that the setting will be a desert set in an Egypt-like environment. And that is exactly what it will be, according to Crate Entertainment’s announcement post. The game will be set in the land of the burning sands, lush oases and volcanic wastes, at the end of which are the ruins of a city with secrets of a forgotten god. The expansion will also have a new gameplay mode, and there will be some quality of life features, as well as hundreds of new unique items.

That’s all there is to say for now, although thelack of any new class is kind of disappointing.  But, given that the DLC is still in the works, you never know. The Forgotten Gods expansion for Grim Dawn, will be released sometime in late 2018. That is actually very surprising. All the more so, when you look at the previous expansion, Ashes of Malmouth, which was released in Fall 2017. To be precise, the expansion was launched on October 11th, 2017. So, we can expect a similar release date for the Forgotten Gods expansion.

This great news to be honest, more ARPGs are always welcome. If you are interested in such games you can play Diablo II, Diablo III, Torchlight, Torchlight II, and of course the game which Grim Dawn was based on, Titan Quest which incidentally also received a new expansion, called Ragnarök, in November 2017. There is no pre-order page for the Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods expansion on Steam just yet.

Ashwin Karthik