Firefox 58.0.2 update released to the stable channel, and here’s what it fixes

The Mozilla Firefox 58.0.2 Update has been released to the stable channel, and this is available as an OTA update. So if you have the browser set to update automatically, you may already have it.

The update from version 58.0.1 to 58.0.2 is just about 7.0MB to download. That might seem quite small, and that is because it only contains a few bug fixes. And here’s what’s new in the updated version.

According to the official release notes, Firefox 58.0.2 fixes an issue which caused the tab to crash when users printed the page. Another crashing problem which the update has resolved is related to graphics drivers which caused off main thread painting.

Off main thread painting is the new graphics performance rendering, which was introduced in Firefox 58. Apparently some graphics drivers were causing crashes in off main thread painting, and they have now been blocklisted (which is Mozilla’s term for blockig third-party software).,

An issue with clicking links and scrolling emails on Microsoft Hotmail and Outlook (on the web) has been fixed in Firefox 58.0.2. macOS users who ran into signature validation issues during update, can breathe a sigh of relief, as the update now avoids the validation process.

We have been using the new version, and can safely say that uBlock Origin, LastPass, OneTab, Greasemonkey, IDM Integration Module, and most popular add-ons still work fine on Firefox 58.0.2.

Firefox 58.0.2 Update

You can download Mozilla Firefox 58.0.2 in one of 2 ways. If you already have Mozilla Firefox 58.0.1, click on the Menu button > Help > About Firefox, and you should see there is an update available. Then click on the “Restart to update Firefox” option to finish the process.

Alternatively, you can download the offline installer for the update from Mozilla’s webpage. The full update is over 37 MB to download, and is useful if you want to install the update on many computers.

Ashwin Karthik