Facebook Telemetry tabs opening in browser randomly? That’s probably because of Uplay

Facebook Telemetry tabs opening in browser randomly

A few days ago, my browser began acting weirdly. About 3 or 4 Facebook Telemetry tabs were opening in Firefox randomly.

This was the url which opened in each tab:


Now that’s .net and not the .com version of Facebook, which was odd, and also the words log and telemetry in the URL did worry me. The tabs opened a blank page, with the words “Not Found” and had a link which said Back to Facebook.”, which redirected to the official Facebook homepage.

Here is the really odd part, the tabs opened when I was watching a TV show, and I hadn’t even used the mouse or keyboard. So, how could these tabs open on their own. Clearly some application is causing it, and using it to collect some sort of data. Was this a virus? There was only one way to narrow it down, by opening the Task Manager, and checking the running processes.

But I did have some other applications running in the background such as Notepad, Steam, Telegram, and Uplay. Of these only one of the applications were new, Uplay. And it appears that Uplay was the reason why these Facebook Telemetry tabs had opened. A quick search on Google confirmed my theory, as many reddit users who experienced the same issue, reported on the Firefox sub, that they had Uplay running at the time.

There is no fix for the issue, but here is the good news, the problem seems to have been resolved. And we are guessing this was a server side issue, which has since been patched.

I had been playing The Division and Ghost Recon Wildlands over the weekend when the problem had started, and the issue has not recurred since Saturday evening. But in case it ever happens, you know what caused it.

Ashwin Karthik