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Indian Rupee Symbol and Font

Indian Rupee Symbol was finalized a few days back. The new font is used the Devnagiri letter Ra (र) and Roman letter R. This design is done by IIT post-graduate Udaya Kumar. Now to  How to get the new Indian rupee symbol font 1. Go to the For... [More]

Epic -the first ever web browser from India is launched

The Epic Browser is the first-ever web browser for India, from the software company Hidden Reflex. Epic Browser lets you use Internet with much more ease and comfort. It opens the web pages at lightening speed. Epic’s built is based on Mozilla ... [More]

New Twitter Plug-in for Windows Live Writer

First of all I need to thank aaronjbregel,  Scott Lovegrove, just because of them I modified the Twitter plug-in for Windows Live writer which I wrote earlier. The one which I wrote earlier was not ready to any users (You need to change the code... [More]

Guess the Winner of FIFA World Cup 2010 and Win an iPhone

Wondershare is conducting a competition for the Football lovers.  If you predict the Winner of the Fifa World cup 2010 South Africa winner, you have a chance to Win an iPhone. Wondershare will select 10 participants who predicted it correct on 3... [More]

How to search on Bing - Guide to Bing Query Language

Bing published a Guide to Bing Query Language. This includes many new methods in searching bing. Bing offers several ways to augment a basic Bing query. For the most part, we’ve talked about using the Bing API to tailor requests. However, there i... [More]

Free Ad-Aware includes Ant-virus

Lavasoft Ad-Aware is a free utility for personal and Home users which now includes an Anti-virus engine. too. The features are Comprehensive Anti-Malware Detection - A power-packed combination of our pioneer anti-spyware technology together wit... [More]