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Convert PDF to Word and PDF to Excel Online for Free

Here is two online services from Nitro Software, One to convert PDF to DOC/RTF format and another one to Xls Steps are same for both the Services Visit the service page PDF to Word (.doc/.rtf) PDF to Excel (.xls) 1. Upload the PDF file you need... [More]

Hide a folder on Desktop - Trick

To hide a folder 1. Right click on the folder and choose "Rename" or click two times (Not double click) on the folder 2. press alt and enter 9 (use Num Pad 9) 8 or 9 times 3. Press enter   4. Right click on the folder and select... [More]

Website for Google TV is open

What is Google TV? Google TV is an open platform for TV-related devices that brings together the best of TV and the best of the web to deliver the premier entertainment experience for the living room. It is built on Android and runs the Google Chr... [More]

Wave Protocol Summit

Google earlier decided to discontinue the Google wave service Google to Stop Google Wave. Later Google decided to make it a separate application "Wave in a Box". The product includes the following an application bundle including a serve... [More]

AVG Anti-Virus free edition 2011

The free edition of AVG Anti-virus is one of the most downloaded free anti-virus software. They have released the latest version 10 (2011). This includes Anti-Virus , Anti-Spyware, Smart Anti-Rootkit (ENHANCED) - Makes sure you can’t receive or u... [More]