Company of Heroes 2 is free on Humble Bundle for a limited time

Humble Bundle is giving away another cool game, Company of Heroes 2, for free for for a limited time. The game is the sequel to the hit RTS from Relic Entertainment.

But if you are expecting the same kind of gameplay, you may be slightly disappointed. They say the sequel is always worse than the original, and that is very true in this case.

The single player campaign is lackluster, but the optional In-App purchases were what ruined this game. Company of Heroes 2 is heavily focussed on multi-player, but for the price of free, I think you might enjoy the single player campaign too.

Visit the Company of Heroes 2 store listing on Humble Bundle, and login to your account, and click on the “FREE” button and complete the checkout process for free. And yes, this does require you to link your Steam account, with your Humble Bundle account. That’s because it is a Steam key, and this is done to prevent people from getting multiple keys. Speaking of which, if you do own the game already, you can still get a free key from the promotion, to gift to someone.

You will get an email, which has a link to claim the key. You have to redeem the key on Steam before 10 AM on December 30th, 2017.

Ashwin Karthik