Civilization VI Rise and Fall expansion is now available on Steam, base game is free to play during the weekend

The Civilization VI Rise and Fall is now available on Steam. This is the first expansion for the game, with possibly another one which might be launched in the future.

Civilization VI Rise and Fall expansion

Rise and Fall, improves upon the base game and adds more content such as nine new leaders, 8 new civilizations, and a lot of mechanics which change the game.

The first addition which the expansion brings is Great Ages, which occur as your civilization reaches Historic Moments. This will bring Dark Ages or Golden Ages which affect your civilization with challenges or bonuses, which are based on how you managed your actions in the game. When you succeed from a Dark Age, your next Golden Age could be a Heroic Age.

Each city has its own loyalty to your leadership. If the loyalty is too low, the city could go independent. Other civilization’s cities which go independent, can join your empire, if you inspire loyalty among Free Cities. Governors can be recruited and appointed to manage cities. They can be upgraded with unique bonuses and promotion trees, which can assist them in reinforcing the Loyalty of the city.

There are different types of Alliances and there are now bonuses which improve over time. If a civilization becomes too powerful, an Emergency occurs, andother civilizations can join hands against the superpower to earn rewards or penalties, wat the end of the emergency. In addition to changes in the existing Government systems, there are new policies, 8 new world wonders, 7 new natural wonders, 2 new tile improvements, 2 new districts, 4 new units, 14 new buildings, and 3 new resources in Civilization VI.

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall is available for Rs. 1,249, ($29.99 or 29,99€ or £24.99) on Steam. The base game is on sale for 50% off at Rs. 1,249 (same prices as the expansion) but the DLCs are not on sale. The Digital Deluxe edition is also on sale for 50% off.

You can play the base game of Civilization VI for free during this weekend, to see if you like the game. The game does have a permanent demo which is available for free on Steam which you can play for 60 turns, but that is not enough to even complete the Tutorial. So, take advantage of the free weekend to see how the game plays.

See how the price of the base game is? That’s what we predicted when the February Humble Monthly went live, and had Civilization VI + 2 DLCs for $12. If you bought the bundle (like I did), give yourself a pat on the back. It may not be until about 6 months after the next expansion is released, which could be in 2019 or 2020, that a game of the year edition with all content could be available.

And even then the prices will not be inexpensive for another 6 months or so. So, if you want to play the game before then, picking up the bundle was the best thing to do.

If you can’t afford to buy Civilization VI now, or are a patient gamer, or just new to the civilization series, let me tell you there is some good news. Sid Meier’s Civilization V: The Complete Edition is on sale for Rs. 248 on GamersGate, and Sid Meier’s Civilization IV – Complete Edition is also on sale, for Rs. 182.

Ashwin Karthik