Civilization VI is on sale for $12 as part of Humble Monthly, should you buy it?

Civilization VI is on sale for $12 as part of Humble Monthly, the historical lowest price it has been sold for, since it was launched in October 2016. The previous lowest price the game was available for, was $29.99 at 50% off the $59.99 normal selling price.


The game costs Rs. 2,499 in India (50% off at Rs. 1,249) on Steam. The Humble Bundle Monthly price of $12 is a massive 80% off the normal price for US buyers.

For Indian gamers, the price of Rs. 760 is 70% off of the regular Steam price. That is not a bad discount at all, especially considering you get 2 DLCs for free. Those are the Australia Civilization & Scenario Pack, and the Vikings Scenario Pack.

And don’t forget, Humble Monthly usually gives you 5 or 6 games. So, you will get 4 or 5 more games for free, when you buy the Humble Monthly for January 2018, on the first Friday of February. But you can play Civilization VI and the 2 DLCs right away.

Now, the bigger question is should you buy the game now?

This is actually a very difficult question to answer. It all depends on one factor. Do you actually want to play the game now? Let me rephrase that. Will you play the game now? Or will it become a part of your backlog?

That being said, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is not fully complete yet, as a new expansion called Rise and Fall, is to be launched on February 8th. There is no clue whether this will be the final DLC for the game. And the fact that there are 4 other civilization and scenario packs, which is not included in the Humble Monthly (at least not yet), means that you don’t get the Deluxe Edition content now.

So, if you have the patience to wait until a Game Of the Year Edition, or a Complete Edition, with all content is released, and goes on sale for a reasonable discount, you may skip the game now. That could take a year or two, or even more, if 2K and Firaxis decide to release more DLCs and Expansions for the game. In the meantime, you can play Civilization V: Complete, which goes on sale often and offers almost the same content as its successor.

Before deciding to buy the Humble Monthly, open the Steam client and download the free Civilization VI demo, and try it on your PC. If the game works fine on your PC, and you like the graphics, the mechanics, etc, you can buy the game now, and hope that Steam offers a complete your collection option, which lets you buy the other DLCs when they go on sale, without having to buy the rest of the package. There is no Season Pass or Digital Deluxe Updrade right now. So, if you need the DLCs you will want to wait for a sale (possibly the Steam Summer Sale) to get the content for cheap.

And of course, check the regional prices for the game on SteamDB before buying the subscription, and make sure to remember to cancel the Humble Monthly subscription next month, else you could be auto-charged for the next bundle.

Ashwin Karthik