Opera has launched a new concept browser, called Opera Neon. It is rather unusual one, to say the very least. Notice something odd in the screenshot above? Yes that is the Windows 7 wallpaper from my computer, i.e, Opera Neon uses your desktop wallpaper as the background. And instead ofRead More →

Opera browser now has a native ad-blocking feature in it. This option, currently exclusive to the Developer Build of the browser, comes in the wake of many ad-blocking browsers which have been launched since Apple introduced it in its own browser, Safari, in iOS 9, which was released in SeptemberRead More →

Opera 12 browser, the last version of the popular browser, which used the Presto Engine, has been updated. The developers hadn’t updated the app for two years (from v 12.27), since April 2014. Opera ditched its own Presto engine in 2013, in favour of the Webkit engine used by GoogleRead More →

Polarity is a browser that is light on resources, and uses two engines, Google’s Chromium, and Microsoft’s Trident. The program has a minimalistic UI which is quite pleasant too. The browser has a plethora of features including a built-in AdBlock, which uses the Privoxy service.  Additionally Polarity has a pop-upRead More →

Google has been battling malware in various forms online, and one of its biggest problems is malicious ads and clones. Attackers usually host fake pages which resemble the Mountain View company’s own services. Sometimes the bad guys even create fake applications to resemble Chrome, but in reality, when a userRead More →