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Free Webhosting and Free Domain name

Are you looking for a free webiste hosting space and a free domain name to start ? here is a service which provides free unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth webhosting. It also includes Free VPS service which offers 1GB memory and Intel ... [More]

Free Google Penalty Checker tool

If you are a webmaster, you may know the Panda, Penguin and other updates Google is applying on the Search algorithms, which may affect your site positively or negatively or it may not affect your site too. if your site is affected negatively, you w... [More]

Delete your online profiles with Just Delete Me

  You may be looking for the link where you can delete your online profiles like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress  etc. This site will be a very handy one. The website Just Delete Me is a collection of links which you can use to delete the pr... [More]

Google to launch Helpouts

Google wil be launching a new service named Helpouts soon. Helpouts will connect people who need help with who can help on that subject. People will be able to choose who to get help from based on qualifications, availability, ratings and review... [More]

New Facebook Spam

A new spam is spreading over the Facebook, which will display images on groups where you are a member. This will post a picture which will look like a video, but which is not a video actually. The link attached will take you to a new page where it wi... [More]

Feedly Pro released

Feedly announced a Pro version of its service. Feedly is one of the best alternative for the Google Reader which is closed recently. Feedly Pro offers more features like Article search - allows you to search with in the articles Secure - htt... [More]

Automatically post RSS feeds to Google Plus Pages Free

Do you own a Google plus page for your website and trouble to update it ? Here is a way to to automatically update your page from RSS feed of your website for free. You can use HootSuite to automatically update your page from feed. 1. Create a Hoot... [More]

Free 200 GB online space

Cloud up is service which offers free 200 Gb of online storage.  The difference from other services is that it restricts the number of files you can store to 1000. That is either you can store 1000 items or 200GB. If you want to store large file... [More]

Decrypt a MD5 hash value

  MD5 is the most commonly used algorithm to store the passwords. This is a one-way encryption algorithm, so you will not be able to decrypt and get the original data. MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm 5) is a widely-used cryptographic hash f... [More]

Google Play store redesigned

Google play store have a new design now. The new design seems to be more beautiful. It have an option to  access the wishlist via the play store website. The left menu seems to be similar to old play store design but the inner page designs are ... [More]