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Custom Timelines on TweetDeck

TweetDeck the desktop client for twitter from twitter adds a new feature named Custom Timelines. The Custom Timelines will help you to create streams with specific topics, hash tags or you can even add a special tweet by drag and drop or using menu. ... [More]

Scan twitter for malicious links

Twitter shortens the URLs with its own link shortening service. The Safe Twiit online service from F-Secure will tell you whether the last 30 links are safe or not. This service will scan the last 30 tweets from your timeline, profile and mentions. ... [More]

Manchester United is on Twitter now

Manchester United have started its official verified twitter account today, It is having more than 233,000 followers in just 6 hours after its first tweet. You can follow the twitter from this link Here are some tweets related to it ... [More]

Share Google plus public stream to Twitter

If you are using Google+ and Twitter, and updating same things on Google+ and Twitter, the service available on ManageFlitter may be helpful for you. You can easily setup this. have some aditional features, which will help you to decide whether to ad... [More]

Free eBook- Social Media marketing for Dummies

Dell offers a free eBook which will help you to spread the word about your business through social media websites like Twitter, FaceBook etc. Chapters Understanding social influence marketing Marketing via niche networks and online influences... [More]

Tweet Pivot - Visualize Twitter Data

Tweet Pivot combines Twitter data with Microsoft Live Lab's Pivot Silverlight plugin to give you the ability to view your Twitter life in a completely new way. A specific twitter id Details   Location wise filters At the moment you can ... [More]

New Twitter Plug-in for Windows Live Writer

First of all I need to thank aaronjbregel,  Scott Lovegrove, just because of them I modified the Twitter plug-in for Windows Live writer which I wrote earlier. The one which I wrote earlier was not ready to any users (You need to change the code... [More]