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2 Free backup Software FBackup and Toucan

1. FBackup Fbackup is a free utility (for personal and commercial use) which can backup your data as zipped archives or as exact copy. Features Automatic backups. Backup with standard zip compression. Exact copies of files. Run acti... [More]

Threat Alert - Oficla downloads MBR Ransomware

Avira Reported a new ransomware threat which is downloaded by a Trojan of the Oficla family.  This threat on successful download will rewrite the Mater Boor Record (MBR) of the affected system with its own and which will ask for a password to lo... [More]

Get 1 Gb Free Extra storage for your Dropbox Account

  Dropbox will give you 2Gb free storage space when you register an account. You can get 250Mb of free space for Each user joining through your invitation (The user who joins also will get additional 250Mb space). to get 250 Mg visit Getting S... [More]

Black Friday Blackhat SEO scam

  Panda security labs reported a Black Friday Blackhat SEO scam. Opening the link will install Fake Antivirus on your computer. Clicking on the link in the Firefox browser will redirect you to a fake Firefox “update” website, which will the... [More]

CCleaner v3.00.1303 with 64bit support and Drive Wiper

  CCleaner is a cleaning utility for Windows. Which includes a registry cleaner(Advanced features to remove unused and old registry entries.), startup Management, Uninstall sections too. The latest version of CCleaner supports 64 Bit operatin... [More]