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Indian OnePlus One users will get Cyanogen OS 12

Earlier we have posted about the OnePlus One - Android Lollipop Update – CM 12S and OxygenOS release dates and a chance to win a 64 GB OnePlus One  from 5  if the OnePlus miss the deadline.  If you are an Indian OnePlus One user you ma... [More]

OnePlus One–Buy with out Invitation–India

Are you looking for a OnePlus one flagship killer phone ? You will have to get an invitation for that. Earlier we have posted how you can get an invitation for free (link here). If you are ready to buy a one plus one (India) you can buy it with out a... [More]

One Plus One 16GB - Silk White- available now

OnePlus One launched its 16Gb variant to Indian market via Amazon. Like the 64Gb version of this phone it also requires an invitation to purchase. We have posted earlier about how you can get an invitation easily for free. The phone specifications... [More]

OnePlus One–Upgrade to CM12 and root access

I bought OnePlus One via Amazon and got it two days back.  Today I flashed the CM 12 (Android 5.0 ) on it and faced few issues. I had rooted my phone earlier, but when I flashed CM12 I lost it. So if you are about to flash CM12 on your OnePlus O... [More]