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Google to discontinue Bump & Flock on January 31st

Google has been rather infamous for acquiring developer studios and killing off the original apps and services that they made. Bump & Flock are the latest victims to get the axe, and will be joining the Google Graveyard on January 31st. Googl... [More]

Winamp sold to online radio service Radionomy

AOL have apparently sold Winamp and Shoutcast to Belgian company Radionomy. Radionomy is an online radio service which has over 6000 radio stations. This deal is something out of the blue. Everyone were expecting Microsoft to buy Winamp after mul... [More]

U.S. Army Base computers running on Pirated Windows 7

Shocking news from where one would least expect it, a U.S. Army Base in Qatar is using unlicensed versions of Microsoft Windows 7. This comes after the U.S Government paid a whopping $50 Million last month, for using pirated softwares, which led t... [More]