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Free eBook - Go Google: Free Email & More On Your Domain

Own a domain? You need to read “Go Google: Free Email and More On Your Domain.” This manual, the latest from Lachlan Roy, explores the amazing free power of Google Apps. Even if you don’t own a domain right now you just might find yourself buying one... [More]

Create and Record Music using Google Doodle

Yesterday we posted about Google Doodle with playable strings. Now you can create music using the same doodle. Just click on the button on the doodle (shown in the above image), it will start recording what ever you play on the doodle (Use the keybo... [More]

Google Art Project - Explore museums and artworks

Using Google Art Project you view and explore hundreds of Art works or museums Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces... [More]

Google Animated Doodle

On the birthday of Les Paul (was an American jazz and country guitarist, songwriter and inventor -), Google created a new Doodle which is an animated one.  Lester William Polsfuss (June 9, 1915 – August 12, 2009)—known as Les Paul—was an Am... [More]

Angry Bird - Play online on any browser and chrome app

Earlier we wrote about Free Angry Birds Game Full version for PC - Windows 7,  Play Angry Birds game Online for Free, Free Angry Birds Seasons: Easter and Free Angry Birds Rio This time from Google  you can play the Angry Birds game online... [More]

Gmail Motion - Not an April Fool prank any more

1st April 2011, Google posted about Google motion  allowing users to handle Gmail with movements (Web cam needed to use this feature) . So many of you know that it was an April fool prank from Google. You can read more April Fool pranks from Goo... [More]

7 Things Google isn’t Censoring

This is about Google search suggestions. The funny part is that something as relatively harmless as downloading torrents is considered taboo on Google, but there are plenty of other more harmful searches that Google is all too willing to recomme... [More]

Granting access to your Gmail account - Email delegation

it's super useful for people who want their assistants to have access to read or respond to mail on their behalf. Now this functionality is available for anyone using Gmail. To grant access to another account, click the Settings link in the top right... [More]

Web Clipboard - Google Chrome extension from Google

This Web Clipboard Google Chrome extension from Google will allow you to  store text and HTML content.  This extension uses Google docs as the clip board so, you can access the data in any google apps. Clicking on the extension will list al... [More]