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9 Free Cloud Storage and online backup Services

Here are 9 Cloud storage or online backup services you may find helpful. These will help you to save files online. This is not a detailed review of these services, while just wanted to list the services and specify the storage space and synchronizing... [More]

Google Easter Eggs

1. Visit and click “I’m Feeling Lucky” You can see all the doodles Google created till this time sorted by year.   2. Search Google for tilt or Askew 3. Search Do A Barrel Roll or z or r twice 4. Search “recursion” ... [More]

Google Drive - Free 5GB cloud storage space

Earlier today we wrote about SkyDrive from Microsoft here which gives you Free 7 Gb storage space (existing users can get 25 GB). Google Drive is a cloud online storage space which will give you 5GB free online space for all. In Google Drive, you... [More]

Google Currents now available internationally

Google Currents is an app for Androind and iOS, which will help you to read online magazines and other contents. It was available for US only when it is launched. Google announced the availability of Google currents Internationally. After the U... [More]

Google Plus - New design

Google introduced a new look and feel for its social networking site Google Plus. The new look seems to be good compared to the old design. You can see the following video to know more about what is new.

Exchange rate difference PayPal and Google

Google AdSense released a check with exchange rate of 52 Indian Rupees for 1$, but it seems PayPal still believes that the condition of Indian rupee is stronger than current situation ( ) and paid me 50.2417 Indian rupees for One dollar. If you are... [More]

Understanding Google Plus V2.0 and Digging Into Ripples

Are you new to Goggle+ ? this will be very helpful for you. Check the original post UNDERSTANDING GOOGLE+ v2.0 Also you can check the following Chrome add-on which can help you to decide  which Circles show up in your Google+ Stream. So if you ... [More]

Create Google Plus pages for your Brand or Business

Google Plus introduced Google+ pages (like Facebook pages). Now if you have a business or brand you can create a page for it. Google+ was for individuals and Google was removing the Google+ accounts created for business or brand.. Now to create a Go... [More]