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Osama killing real video leaked - New Facebook Spam

Another Facebook spam, it is spreading too fast I think. When you click on the link it will ask you for a verification page like below when I tried to close the page a confirmation message came and clicking on stay on page it take me to another ... [More]

Osama Shot Down Video - Facebook Spam

Osama Bin Ladan killed by United States soldiers yesterday and now Facebook is having a new spam which is spreading too fast. Which claims you can view a censored Osama Shot Down Video. It will ask you to do few steps to view the video, which will po... [More]

Facebook Mail Scam

Beware of the new Scam on Facebook. If you got a Facebook message with any of the following messages, Do not click on that links. Hey claim your @ fb email address b4 its 2 late! [BITLY LINK] Or OMG! claim your facebook email address now b4... [More]

Customize your facebook Profile page

Just customized my facebook profile page as above. If you are interested to make same kind of profile First you need to switch your profile view to the new design (If you already not have), to get this visit this page (Login if you alerady not logge... [More]

Get $25 Facebook Ad Coupon for Free

Earlier we have posted one promotional option which gives Get €50 for Facebook ad campaigning. Now it is a direct method. This is a coupon code which is from the DMA 2010 conference in San Francisco. This offer works only for the accounts wh... [More]