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Microsoft Send, an email based messaging platform.

Microsoft ‘Garage’ has launched Microsoft Send, an innovative email based messaging service. Microsoft ‘Garage’ is an incubator where ideas are born and implemented, but they are small ones unlike the huge Microsoft business products.   So Sen... [More]

Microsoft to manufacture Lumia phones in India

Recently we heard the news of Microsoft cutting down its offices in Finland and down-sizing its Windows Phone division. It has lead a whole Finnish town into an economic turmoil. Seems like Microsoft had planned something. Microsoft is outsourcing it... [More]

Microsoft to sell Windows 10 on Pendrives.

This is an interesting piece of news, that Microsoft will be selling Windows 10 on pendrives. The official listing has already been put up on and the Windows 10 flash drive will retail for about 199.99$. Amazon Prime shipping is available ... [More]

Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 launched in India via Flipkart.

The two new 4G based phones from Samsung have been launched in India through Flipkart. Yes you are right they are the Samsung J5 and J7 devices. For the first time Samsung has created devices within a reasonable correlation between the price and the ... [More]

Flipkart launches image search on its App

Flipkart has launched an innovative approach to shopping on its mobile app. A new feature called Image search has been added to shop for products via images. We are now waiting for competitors like Amazon and Snapdeal to respond with their own versio... [More]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 tech specs leaked.

Xiaomi or the Apple of China has won many hearts by producing affordable and quality handsets, a trend which has reinstituted the faith of many Indians on Chinese OEMs. The Redmi series has been one of the most popular handsets which gave a chase to ... [More]