Android P Developer Preview released and here is what’s new

Android P Developer Preview

Google has just released the first Android P Developer Preview for the Pixel phones. And here is what’s new in the latest iteration of the operating system, according to the official announcement.


Android P Developer Preview changes the notifications panel and it kind of looks like the notification area in iOS. The time, day and date indicators have been removed, and each of the quick toggles are inside individual circles. The notifications panel where the messages appear is no longer attached to the quick toggles area, as they have been separated. The notifications use Google’s Smart Reply predictions, and also display a thumbnail of the photo.

Notch support for the Status Bar:

Android P Developer Preview

Android phones have begun following the iPhone X design, by adding a Notch on the top of the display. Android P will make room on either side of the notch and display the notifications correctly.

Restrictions for idle apps:

Android P will prevent idle apps from accessing your phone’s microphones and cameras, to give users more privacy.

Multi-camera API:

Android P allows simultaneous video capture from two or more cameras on a device, which means you can use dual-back or dual-front cameras for recording with effects like seamless zoom, bokeh, and stereo vision.

Android P Developer Preview

And there are a lot of other improvements under the hood such as faster ART (Android Runtime), Indoor Wi-Fi Positioning for GPS accuracy indoors, new API level for apps, power savings, etc.

Some people believe that Android P could be Peanut Brittle, which is similar to the Chikki candy in India.

Ashwin Karthik