Amazon published few New year lists- DIY, Books to read etc.

Amazon published few New year lists- DIY

Amazon on New year listed few DIY ideas, list of some awesome books, the best selling books of 2017 budget travel destinations for the new year 2018.

Let us have a look on the Art and craft section first

Art and Craft

DIY tutorials by Amazon

This section covers few DIY (Do It Yourself) ideas.  6 sections are there (Easy DIY décor ideas, 5 ways to up-cycle common house hold stuff, 5 iron-on projects to make you DIY pro, 5 easy DITY holiday crafts for Kids, make your own bird bath, Creative ways to recycle plastic bottles)

1. Easy DIY décor ideas


Flowers in bottle using empty wine bottles

Make cardboard cut-out of simple illustrations that connect to the new year theme.

Put your wishes in envelopes

Relive the good times

2. 5 Ways to up-cycle common household stuff

Old bottles make oil and vinegar pourers

Turn jam jars into glasses

Step ladders become quirky shelves

Graters into earring hangers

Chipped china pottery to frame a photo

3. Kids crafts

Old socks reincarnated as soft toys

Wind chime with old keys:

Fish plates

Toothbrush holder with a cardboard toilet roll

Rainbow crayon candles

4.  5 creative ways to recycle plastic bottles

Hanging balcony herb garden

Airplane Piggybank

Airplane Piggybank

Creative and fun pencil box

Cellphone charging station

DIY bird bath does not seems to have the content posted.

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Read and Write section

1. 100 books to read in a life time

100 Books to read in life time

This section includes 100 books by Indian Authors, 100 Leadership and Success books, 100 children’s books, 100 young adult books, 100 biographies and memoirs, 100 Sci-fi and fantasy books.  Then comes the 100 books to read in lifetime from Amazon books editors

2. Award Winning Books

Award winning books

Have categorized based on the awards received, such as Man Booker, National Book awards, Sahitya Akademy, Hugo, Pulitzer prize, Goodreads Choice awards etc.

There are other sections such as Popular books of 2017 (categorized to Indian Authors, Literature and fiction, Self help, Biographies, Children’s books, Romance, Non-fiction, Business). Each sections have the winner under that category and also the nominees.

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Travel and Adventure

holiday destinations

This section have  budget travel destinations of 2018, around the world in few pages, see you on the road Read more