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Scan twitter for malicious links

Twitter shortens the URLs with its own link shortening service. The Safe Twiit online service from F-Secure will tell you whether the last 30 links are safe or not. This service will scan the last 30 tweets from your timeline, profile and mentions. ... [More]

Google URL shortening service go public

Google URL shortening Service, which was used by the Google services alone is open for all now. You can see it here  If you are using this after Logging in to your Google account, you can see the history and tracking of the... [More]

New secure URL shortening service from McAfee is a new URL shortening service. When you open a short url it will show a frame above from the McAfee which will show you. you can try this will open my twitter account. because of twitter does not allow... [More] 1.3 - a new design

URL shortening website  have a new design now. Read more about 1.3 here After login you can manage your  links, restore deleted links, Track performance of your urls etc. The click detail page still have the sam... [More]

An Open source URL shortner ASP.NET C#

ShortUrl-Dotnet is a free and open source URL shortner which you can use if you are having a ASP.NET hosting and a MSSQL or MySql server for data storage. to implement this 1. Go to the application page 2. Click “Download Now” and save shorturl-do... [More] API

you can work it, with or with out user name and API keys, It is almost same like 1. simpleshorten – It returns the result url alone Result will be - 2. You can use the User... [More]