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Halloween Giveaway - Aoao Watermark for Photo

  AoaoPhoto is a professional digital watermarking software provider which established in 2008. Who mainly develop photo watermark and video watermark programs to protect users’ photo and video copyright. Aoao Watermark for Photo help you to ... [More]

Giveaway - FrameShop 2.1

  FrameShop help you to resize, convert your photos easily.  It can add beautiful frames to your photos to make it better. It supports batch processing and also saving of projects which help you to alter a project later and use it. Featur... [More]

Giveaway - SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer Pro worth USD 79.95

SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer Pro will convert photos to drawings, you may have read many articles and Photoshop tutorials about these, But this software help you to do it in just a click. What you have to do is select the type of the presets, and some ot... [More]

Convert your photos into Paintings online

psykopaint is an online tool (website) which will help you to convert a photo to an artwork. It is really simply, but it may take time to master it and create stunning art works. The image above shows you one original image and artwork created by a u... [More]

Superb examples of photo manipulation

Here 8 examples of Superb examples of photo manipulation. And you can see a collection of 60 Superb examples of photo manipulation here at Creative Nerds (Bigger and with link to the originals)