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Opera 11 Release today

Opera announced that they will launch the opera 11 today. Opera 11 have some cool features like Extensions and Tab stacking. Released. Features Extensions allow you to add new functionality to Opera easily. Tab stacking helps you keep yo... [More]

Opera 11 Beta released with Extensions and Tab stacking

Opera released the beta version of Opera 11 browser which supports Extensions and Tab stacking and many more features and improvements. Features Tab stacking - tab stacking lets you drag one tab over another to create a group. Extensions supp... [More]

Opera 11 Alpha released with Extensions

Opera released the Alpha version of Opera 11, the version which supports extensions. Warning: This is a test version. Because this is an alpha version, it is not feature complete—there are still many more features to come. Use it with caution,... [More]

Opera to get Extensions from version 11

Opera confirmed that from version 11 of Opera browser it will support extensions.Just like the Chrome and Firefox Opera too will have extensions. What are Opera Extensions? Extensions in Opera is a way for you to easily add new functionality t... [More]