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Google Plus Collapsed Stream

G+me for Google Plus is a Google Chrome extension, which can show the Google plus stream in the collapsed mode. You can see the updates (Comments and +1s ) highlighted. Keeping mouse over the collapsed stream will show the stream. Or you can click a... [More]

Google Plus Desktop client from AbelsSoft

AbelsSoft released a desktop client for Google+ named GClient. This GClient can sit on the Windows tray and can alert you when ever there is a notification. You can see the Streams like the above screen shot. Also can manage Circles, Photos, profile ... [More]

Tips, Tricks and useful services for Google Plus

You may have a Google+ account by this time (if you don’t have one and need one check this page). What we are going to share here are some useful services, tips and tricks which can help you in using Google+. 1. Google Plus profile URL shortner A n... [More]