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A Spring Without Smell by Sameera Parvin

This Book “A Spring Without Smell” Based on a true experience of an expatriate Pakistani girl by Sameera Parvin is a book mentioned in the latest Novels of the Malayalam Author Benyamin (Who wrote one of the best seller named Aadujeevitham).  Th... [More]

DIY - How to make Batteries using ordinary household items

Here is a cool Do It Yourself article from Instructables. This guide will show you how you can create a battery yourself with the ordinary household items. The comment on the article says that the power of the cell will be nearly 0.5V. But you can ch... [More]

Earthday 2014

Each year April 22 is celebrated as the Earth Day. This event started from the year 1970 and now it is celebrated in more than 192 countries. Earthday 2014 is about Green cities. you can read more about it here Here is the Earth Day Anthem Joyfu... [More]

Demonoid is Back after 2 years

Demonoid is a famous bit torrent tracker, which was down for almost two years due to many legal (Ukrainian authorities) and other issues (DDoS attack). They are back now on a new cloud based hosting space. As usual the registration is closed and you ... [More]

How to create a Mini Matchstick Gun

Here is a DIY video which demonstrate “How to create a Mini Matchstick Gun”. You will need to have Wooden Clothespins, Gum and a utility knife. Disassemble your clothespin Carving a channel (which will the place you will add the stick), and a... [More]

Coin–Ships internationally

Earlier we wrote about COIN which can hold all your card details and you can use it for purchase too. We contacted them to know the availability of the product and the application (*which you can use in mobile) platform. Below you can see the reply f... [More]

Philips Hue–a Smart bulb

Philips launched a bulb named Philips Hue. This is a smart bulb which you can control from your smart phone. Watch this video below to know more about the hue. This product is having a lot of features. What you will have to do is install the App... [More]

Winamp to Be Discontinued

  We had some time when we think about a MP3 player the first name come into mind was Winamp. Winamp officially announced that it will discontinue the service from December 20, 2013. The final update on Winamp  is released yesterday. Wina... [More]