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Happy Geek Pride Day

Today (May 25th) is Geek Pride Day. Geek Pride Day is an initiative which claims the right of every person to be a nerd or a geek Geekiest.Net wish you all a very happy Geek Pride Day. Manifesto of a Geek - Basic rights and responsibilities o... [More]

What is your Geek Zodiac Sign ?

Original Image Here comes a Geek Zodiac sign chart, what is yours ? Treasure Hunter, Pirate, Ninja Samurai, Spy or some thing else. Check this chart and find yours and post a comment with your Geek Zodiac sign if you don’t mind. Mine is Pirate ... [More]

Animator Vs. Animation 3 Movie and Online game

Hope you have seen the famous Animator Vs. Animation Series. This is really funny and superb animation too. Watch the series here This includes a game too. In this game you can either control the Animator or the Animation. Animators aim is to defea... [More]