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Twitter got a new design

Twitter is rolling out a new design for its web interface just like the iOS and Android application. The official tweet says We're now rolling out a refreshed reflecting the look & feel of our iOS & Android apps. pi... [More]

Custom Timelines on TweetDeck

TweetDeck the desktop client for twitter from twitter adds a new feature named Custom Timelines. The Custom Timelines will help you to create streams with specific topics, hash tags or you can even add a special tweet by drag and drop or using menu. ... [More]

Scan twitter for malicious links

Twitter shortens the URLs with its own link shortening service. The Safe Twiit online service from F-Secure will tell you whether the last 30 links are safe or not. This service will scan the last 30 tweets from your timeline, profile and mentions. ... [More]

Manchester United is on Twitter now

Manchester United have started its official verified twitter account today, It is having more than 233,000 followers in just 6 hours after its first tweet. You can follow the twitter from this link Here are some tweets related to it ... [More]

Share Google plus public stream to Twitter

If you are using Google+ and Twitter, and updating same things on Google+ and Twitter, the service available on ManageFlitter may be helpful for you. You can easily setup this. have some aditional features, which will help you to decide whether to ad... [More]