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Tech Innovations Helping People With Disabilities

61 million adults in the U.S. live with a disability with almost 14% experiencing mobility issues, including serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs, the CDC reveals. Fortunately, technological innovations are helping people with disabilities e... [More]

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Technology

Changes in technology are always occurring and it can be scary to embrace these advancements and try to keep up. All of these new and improved ways of living and working may be stirring up a sense of fear in you, instead of excitement. Don’t feel ba... [More]

Technology And The Rail Industry: New Developments

Technology has always been at the heart of the rail industry, and it has been vital as the industry has expanded and evolved over the years. Technology can be utilized in many different ways, including enhancing the customer experience, increasing sa... [More]

Keeping Up With Tech

Not all of us have the time that it takes to keep up with the latest changes in tech. If you live in the Ottawa area though, you are in luck because there is an Ottawa IT support company that can help you keep up with it. Same goes for most major cit... [More]