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Free game - Arma 2

Arma 2: Free (A2F) redefines the free-to-play battlefield with its truly unrivalled scale and gameplay possibilities. A2F serves up almost everything offered by the original Arma 2 - the '13th best PC game of all time', according to PC Gamer [1] - mi... [More]

Free Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper - Beta

Microsoft introduces System Sweeper  which is a stand alone utility to remove  rootkits and other advanced malware. You need to create a bootable CD or USB using the downloaded application.This tool is really helpful when you cant install a... [More]

Get 40 Free Songs on iTunes

  In Celebration of Southwest Airlines' 40th Anniversary they are giving away 40 songs for iTunes users. Songs list Weightless -The Becca Stevens Band Still Got Tonight - Matthew Morrison Great Getaway - Oh Darling Gold Mine - ... [More]

Free eBook - Windows Phone App magazine

This Windows Phone App magazine covers 140 apps for windows Phone 7 under the following categories news & weather travel maps & search games productivity & tools business entertainment music & video lifesty... [More]

GetGo Download Manager - Free Download Manager

GetGo Download Manager is a FREE Download Manager with strong YouTube Download support as well as tons of Download Management features. It is being actively developed and updated frequently. GetGo Download Manager can easily download video/music/f... [More]

14 Free E-Books for Designers and Developers

1. Dive Into HTML5 by Mark Pilgrim 2. Designing for the Web by Mark Boulton 3. jQuery Fundamentals by Rebecca Murphey 4. Designing Interfaces by Jenifer Tidwell 5. The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web by Robert Bringhurst ... [More]

Free eBook - Visitors to the Inner Earth

True tales  of subterranean journeys • KING HERLA in the cavern of the dwarfs • ENKIDU and his descent into Sheol • ORPHEUS and ÆNEAS in Hades • SIR OWEN in Purgatory • CUCHULAIN in Tir-nan-Og • REUBEN and the mikvah stai... [More]